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Texas Transportation Solutions, Inc.


The Company

Texas Transportation Solutions, Inc. is a recently established civil engineering firm that specializes in roadway and bridge design. It's based in Austin, Texas and was founded by an Austin area engineer with over 20 years of experience. 

The Brand

Tired of impersonal corporate attitudes, TTS is focused on collaboration. They are client focused and look for innovative ways to best meet their client's needs. Quality, innovation, and reliability are at the core of their philosophy. To reflect this, the brand voice is professional, team oriented, and uses group language ("We" not "I"), to place value on collaboration with external teams as well as internal teamwork. Their philosophy can be best summarized in their tagline "Together we are better".

The Logo

Inspired by highway overpass supports, the logo combines a technical drawing with stylized "T" initials. Keeping in mind the conservative nature of the engineers, the main audience, details such as perspective and angles were rendered realistically.

Logo Process


The Color and Type

Blue was chosen for the color's association with stability, loyalty, and freedom. A very light shade of blue was chosen to offset the dark blue and help the brand stand out from other dark engineering logos while not alienating the core audience. The font was chosen for the same reason, Oswald provides interest while remaining legible and Lato has a large family to fit a wide range of uses.



Currently, TTS has an interim web-page which is growing alongside them. It features engineering pre-certifications prominently in order to show the areas they are legally allowed to work in as well as their expertise and knowledge. 


Brand Extensions

Embroidered uniform for employees.

Proposal cover for job applications.

Powerpoint presentation template.

USB giveaway with company information for trade-shows.

Bag for holding swag and business materials for client meetings and trade-shows.

Magnetic name badge for uniforms.

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