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Modern Legacy

Branding and Publication

The Exhibition

Modern Legacy is a museum exhibition celebrating African fashion designers who use traditional fabrics to create pieces that are modern fashion designs or modern takes on traditional African dresses. 

This merging of the traditional with the modern drove the concept behind the brand. All exhibition collateral features vector patterns from African fabrics. The work of modern African typographers influenced the primary font choice. The main color palette was taken from the fabric cover of the exhibition catalog. The event invitation and ID badge shapes are inspired by the hang tags of clothing.

Invitation envelope

Event invitation

Event badges

Exhibition tickets

Main exhibition wall design


Exhibition Catalog

To represent the merging of the traditional with the modern, I combined aspects of both traditional and modern book design. The margins were determined using the "Golden Ratio" canon that was most commonly used in illuminated manuscripts and early book design. The fabric hardcover and interior pages are united through the color bars that use the same colors as the fabric.

Using Format