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St. Kinga's Mines

Branding and Packaging

The Brand

Kopalnie św. Kingi (or St. Kinga’s mines) is a spice brand dedicated to bringing tradition into modern kitchens. The salts are sourced from Poland’s ancient salt mines and decorated with a modern take on traditional folk art. 

The legend of St. Kinga and the mines is a specific piece of history and culture that needed to be made accessible to an international market. The floral motifs are inspired by wycinanki, paper-cut designs that are widely recognized as Polish folk art, which helps international consumers with recognition. All packaging and information about the legend and the mines are in both English and Polish to help consumers further connect with the authenticity of the product.


The trademark features the ancient symbols for mining and is reminiscent of a wax seal while the primary typeface complements traditional lettering used for the mine signage and equipment.



In order to appeal to an international audience, all packaging is bilingual. The jars have a label featuring a brief history of their individual mine as well as a hang tag with St. Kinga's legend. This allows the consumer to understand the history that the brand and product are rooted in.


Gift Set

The gift set contains three sample sized jars of salt. It also has St. Kinga's legend and a history of the mines in a bilingual companion booklet so the receiver can learn about the meaning behind the salts and brand.



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