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Commute Relief


The Platform

Commute Relief is a mobility-focused service that seeks to reduce the number of single-use vehicles on the roads by providing commuters with alternative transportation options. Commute Relief helps people to change their habits by making the process of finding alternative transportation easy. 

My Role

I was responsible for brand development, promotional material, advertisements and participated in the persona development and editing of all copy to match the brand voice.

The Team

Kristie Bocanegra - UX and UI of the website, front-end coding and participated in persona development.
Lorena Martinez - UX and UI of the website, front-end coding and participated in persona development.
Jae Lee - A computer science major responsible for the back-end programming of the website.
Nikita Demidov - Contacting possible investors and creating a business model.
Austin Andrus - Contacting possible investors, creating a business model, and copy editing. 

All team members were active in the initial conception of the idea and its presentation at SXSW.

How it works

When we surveyed commuters who traveled into Austin, we found that their primary concern was not cost or environmental impact but rather convenience, comfort,and productivity. Commute Relief was created to meet those needs. 

The service syncs with your existing Google calendar, alerts you via email about upcoming events, shows a list of the best transit options at that moment based on time, location, and personal preferences, and allows you to book your chosen option. 

The final version of the service will be a mobile app with push notifications, in app booking, support multiple calendar programs, and will offer a wide variety of transportation services from ride-sharing to public transit to short-term car rentals.

Promotional Material

Banner Ads

Print Materials

Poster displayed at SXSW Innovation Labs

Flyer passed out at SXSW Innovation Labs

SXSW Presentation

We had the opportunity to present Commute Relief at the Texas State Innovation Lab and Reception during South By SouthWest. There we pitched our service to attendees from both the USA and Europe who were possible investors, individuals with deep involvement in the alternative transportation industry or just curious.

The Process

Over the span of 6 months we created a survey that was distributed to commuters who travel into Austin for work which allowed us to see the main concerns commuters had. From there we created the app concept and personas based on our data.

Creating the commuter survey.

Going through the first round of trademark edits.

Developing personas with survey data.

Photo Credits

Photos by rawpixel.comJuliaHauptAlexandreBoucher, and Barcelona on Unsplash

All other photography by team members.

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